Every year, thousands of bowling pins are brutally attacked in bowling alleys across the country. Most bowling pins are only a few days old when they are lured to a life of pain and humiliation. The young and impressionable pins are told they will become famous- up on stage for all to see. By the time they figure out the truth it is too late. They have been the victim of a 7-10 split from a middle aged man with a bad combover.

Toby is one of the lucky few who has made it out of this dark underworld where people wear each other shoes and people listen to Journey. Now Toby wants to raise awareness of this abusive system and the victims it scars for life.

Please help Toby and the thousands of bowling pins like him who have been brutally harmed in this 'sport' where fat guys are called professional athletes. You can help spread awareness by purchasing this stylish "Bowling is abuse! Stop the madness!" shirt.

It comes in several colors and sizes. Portions of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Toby's Campaign Against Bowling, previously know as Toby's personal bank account. It's not embezzling if you care enough.

So please, lend Toby a hand. He doesn't have any himself. And doesn’t that speak volumes?

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