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We would say that Toby loves to hear from you, is very interested in your life and would like to take you to prom. But that would be a lie. Toby is a bowling pin. As such, he obviously can’t take you to prom. The slow dances would be very awkward.

But the people who bring you this website would like to hear from you. This will be especially true if you are offering us large amounts of money or vintage Power Puff Girls sweatpants with racing stripes that make them go faster.

However, there are several types of emails we don’t want to receive from you. These would include requests for autographs from Dennis Leary, attempts to spread the rumor that Toby is in a bitter feud with the smiley face or questions regarding Toby’s ability to type with boxing gloves on. I mean, seriously people, give those ones a rest.

So, we will respect your freedom to send us an email as long as you respect our freedom not to reply to it if it is stupid or if we’re busy trying to get Toby through customs again.

If you are really hoping to hear back from Toby make sure you’ve bought plenty of

Toby Gear. Yeah, its kinda like a bribe but it works!