How cool would it be if the people who brought you this site where from the future or semi-pro Godzilla impersonators or wig stylists? It wouldn’t be cool at all because those things are lies and lies aren’t cool- no matter what Guns ‘N Roses thinks.

So, about us. We are semi-pro Godzilla impersonators who traveled here from the future to escape mundane lives as wig stylists.

Curewitz dabbles in music, blogging and thinks salad dressing is out to get him. You can check out his artistic genius here.

Jocelyn thinks doing taxes is fun and never swears- not once. When you ask her where Satan lives, she says “H-E-doublehockey sticks” or Cleveland, depending on her mood.


Good looking, huh? I bet you want to hang out with them and spend contented Friday evenings playing Scrabble and Risk with them. Well, that makes as much sense as trying to do welding with Icy Hot.  Everybody knows the only way to enjoy a Friday night is to get all gussied up in some cool Toby gear and get your friends together to hunt the tastiest prize of all: Ewok. Mmmmm, tasty! Lick it, its Wicket. So, go to the Toby store and get your new wardrobe.